Wop Wop, second edition of Casual Q&A this time with BridgerPay Founder, Ran Cohen.

Wop Wop, second edition of Casual Q&A this time with BridgerPay Founder, Ran Cohen.

Meet BridgerPay, an up and coming Fintech startup based in QSpaces Vragadinou,  Limassol, Cyprus. We caught up with CEO & Founder, Ran Cohen to get to know the team and what BridgerPay are up to.

What is BridgerPay?

BridgerPay is a unique concept in the online payments world. Consolidating merchants from over 160 countries and placing them on one platform. Customers can connect and create their own AI-powered payments gateway within a few clicks.

The beauty of the concept is they aren’t at all tied to any acquiring bank or one particular payment solution. It’s a pool of payment service providers, acquirers, merchants and gateways.

Think the United Nations 🇺🇳 of the payments world 😱👌.

Who works with BridgerPay?

With some big names locally and abroad working and quickly growing; they have over 220 customers at the time of writing this. BridgerPay is well on its way to conquering the global online payment’s world.

Additionally, with a recent partnership with JCC Cyprus, they now offer companies using JCC payments, a more flexible and responsive solution. You can process payments as normal through JCC, however, totally customize and integrate the payment experience directly into your website or app. This way users do not need to venture out to JCC’s payment’s page as we are all so familiar with (psssstttt… not responsive at all).

If you are taking payments online and would like to have full flexibility over the way you integrate or just need access to one of the most powerful gateways without hassle or fuss, then give BridgerPay a shout.

Office culture

BridgerPay has a very relaxed and supportive working environment. They offer flexible working hours and all their employees the ability to work around their lives and families.

This helps productivity and creates a family-like environment. Additionally, they regularly host team breakfasts, lunch and Friday Happy Hours. Hope we get an invite soon.

But, most importantly, they love QSpaces and what a beautifully designed office space can do for productivity and office vibes 🥰😎.

Check out their website and follow them on Facebook page.