A new twist on an old concept. Meet Spaces.

We fill the need for SMEs (Small to Medium Sized Enterprises) to have beautiful spaces but are beyond co-working or shared office spaces. A place where they can call home long term.

All the benefits of a serviced office space with your name on the door.

Offer excellence & peace of mind through our community and concierge service.

How spaces was born

We are a team of entrepreneurs who spotted a need in the market for solid office space for SMEs that wasn’t shared.

Companies that needed their own space and wanted to enjoy beautifully designed offices with all the amenities without having to invest an arm and a leg in a space they might outgrow in the near future.

Excellence & Value. Everyday.

Take the hassle out of securing your dream office space

Move right in.

Bring your computer and favourite picture of your mum, and you’re ready to work.


Let our concierge take care of your company’s everyday needs.

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Community. Together.

It’s all about the love and community that makes up QSpaces.


Spaces beautifully thought out for maximum good vibes.

♥ Mondays again.